Govt. Regd. No.: 1290 | Social Welfare Council Affilation. No. 39746

Vision, Mission, Goal


The Mission of the VCN is to encourage and invite international volunteers to contribute in the community development activities in Nepal particularly in the areas of orphan children. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs. 
To create and promote healthy society which is economically and socially stable and has a restorable, sustainable environment for future generations.Our mission is to integrate the efforts of good hearted people and organization to alleviate or eliminate the causes of poverty. We do this in communities through the implementation of ideas, funds and volunteers.


By empowering women and children in the community, we aim to focus on gender equality in order to make them independent and self-reliant.


  • Empowering women and children within their communities
  • Work against the trafficking of women and children in Nepal
  • Work against the domestic violence to women and children
  • To provide skill, public awareness and employment oriented programs.
  • To operate health and sanitation programs
  • To promote public awareness program through informal education
  • To identify and management of the development, extension, protection, conservation of the heritage related to  tourism, historical, archeological, cultural and religious activities.
  • To support community during natural disaster.
  • Taking action against HIV & AIDS and the sexual exploitation of women and children
  • Conducting research work related to the issues of women and children.


  • Good network of foreign academic and research institution.
  • Having good network and co-ordination with different institutions, community as well as society.
  • Well experienced and exposure team members to make research and others activities successful.
  • Resourceful environment with expertise people on this area.
  • Orientation, consulting, and supporting services to make educational services and research trip successful.