Govt. Regd. No.: 1290 | Social Welfare Council Affilation. No. 39746

Orphanage Home Support Project

This is one of the crucial and life-changing impact projects that VCN is carrying on with the benevolent support of Amanda and her friends. It is for the 42 children’s orphan house where 42 beautiful dream lies. All these innocent children are victimized by different fates, some lost parents, some are lost, some are found on the river and some are disabled too.

With the co-operation of Nepali Disaster Volunteers and other supporters, 14 rooms have been built for these children where they can feel secure to live in. Perhaps, god appears in the form of the human, now with the support of good-hearted people like Amanda, Aston and other friends, children are getting food support and other daily necessities. They are studying near schools and looking for the brighter days ahead. Now the challenges and biggest responsibility are to complete the primary necessities i.e. remaining construction compounding and managing furniture. At the same time, continuous caring and managing daily meals, regular health care, educational support etc. are the responsibility of the VCN and other supporters.

Our foundation, guide, motivator Amanda, Aston, and friends have made this possible to do something for the underprivileged children. Your all efforts and supports on this noble cause are the activities of god in the guise of the human being. Children are now getting their caring parents who think of all the time their progress and prosperity. All these children are the brighter star and future assets of the nation. Volunteers Community Nepal salutes you all for this change.