Govt. Regd. No.: 1290 | Social Welfare Council Affilation. No. 39746

Child Development

VCN’s Child Care and Development Program are targeted for children with the help of learning & development opportunities from the most marginalized/disadvantaged communities in Nepal.  Most of these students are deprived of education. VCN coordinates various children's centers and Montessori school to operate in a friendly learning environment by facilitating volunteers. Our guests are offered love & care to the children and help to develop physical, mental, and emotional change in the children.

We will facilitate guest in various activities i.e. playing different games, making handwriting, sketching art, socializing process, singing rhymes and songs and many more child-friendly activities with the children. Our volunteers create activities that encourage assisting and educating the teachers on various issues such as basic health & hygiene. 

Program:   Child Development
Project:    Child Care
Start Dates:    1st and 15th of each month
Language Requirements:   English (Basic Nepali is provided)
Food and Accommodation:    Nepali Standard at host family in the working community
Key Activities:    Organizing creative and child-friendly activities, teaching, arts, rhymes, socializing, games, excursions etc.
Beneficiaries:     Children, local volunteers, teachers, parents, external volunteers
 Working Hours:    4 to 5 hours a day
Reqd. Qualifications & Skills:    Various skills related to children and the desire to happy with them
Project Location:    Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Parbat, Dolakha etc.(Possible according to your choice)
Terminal:     Kathmandu, Nepal-Tribhuvan International Airport
Benefit:    Unexpected experience, observe natural beauty, cultural exchange, appreciation letter,  Knowledge exchange, good friendship & so on.

hat can a volunteer do at these canters?   
•    Assist local teachers in their daily roles. 
•    Teach children different motor and kinesthetic skills. 
•    Play games and rhymes with children. 
•    Provide child care support. 
•    Create resources for the children. 
•    Take children on excursions. 
•    Do a variety of other activities

Expected Result    
•    Changing knowledge and behavior of children aged 3-5 on CCD and hygiene.
•    All children from VCN’s working catchments of 3 to 5 years of age attend CCD programs. 
•    Strengthened management capacity of Management Committee of CCDs, demonstrating an increased accountability mechanism towards CCD   stakeholders. 
•   Increased knowledge and practical experience of CCD teachers on Child-Friendly Teaching         &   Learning Approaches.
•   CCD Curriculum and guidelines for CCD teachers developed and implemented.

Major Activities:
•    Raising awareness of parents of 3-5 years old on developmental needs of children in their early years and practices to address, achieved through orientation briefings and mass awareness raising campaigns.

•    Supporting school/ community-based CCDs to strengthen their management and resource-oriented skills for autonomous functioning by 2012.
•    Training of CCD teachers on CCD teaching (basic to advanced level) and development of local materials.
•    Training of CCD Management Committees on how to manage CCD canters effectively.
•    Designing a standard format of guidelines and CCD activities applicable to all VCN facilitate   CCD s and ensuring its implementation as well
 as monitoring its progress